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Andreas Kristler für zwei Spiele gesperrt

Andreas Kristler wurde wegen eines Stockschlags im Dienstagsspiel beim EC VSV für zwei Partien gesperrt und zusätzlich mit einer Geldstrafe in der Höhe von 500,00 Euro belegt.

Der 32-jährige Stürmer wird damit die beiden Auswärtsspiele bei den BEMER Pioneers Vorarlberg und dem HC TIWAG Innsbruck verpassen. Das Urteil im Originallaut:

Andreas Kristler (#37) of Steinbach Black Wings Linz, time 52:25 was involved in an incident deemed as Slashing (IIHF Rule 61). The video evidence was sent to the win2day ICE Hockey League PSC, which determined the incident to be worthy of supplementary discipline – Category 2 – ‚Reckless‘.

Tuesday night in Villach, Linz forward #37 Andreas Kristler was involved in an incident deemed as slashing on Villach D’man #77 Philipp Lindner resulting in a 5 minute major penalty and a game-misconduct being assessed.
As the video shows, Kristler, with puck possession, enters the attacking zone. In an effort to beat Lindner on a 1 on 1 play, the 2 players engage, where Lindner makes a legal defensive play and Kristler looses puck possession. In a retaliation type reaction, Kristler swings his stick at Lindner, striking him in the head. This can be deemed as either slashing or a high-stick.

It is important to note the stick swing is not deemed an incidental use of the stick. Rather, the stick action is a directed stick swing that strikes an opponent at a dangerous height. The primary issue with the stick swing is the contact location and height of the stick. It is determined the high stick is not delivered with an excessive amount of force, which help to contribute to Lindner remain playing. But there is sufficient force to merit supplementary discipline for what is a dangerous, directed stick swing contacting the opposing player in a vulnerable area.

The ICE Hockey League Department of Player Safety has suspended Andreas Kristler for 2 games and fined 500.00 euros.

1) This is slashing
2) Location of slash
3) Not a repeat offender


29.01.2023 Steinbach Black Wings Linz vs. HC Pustertal Wölfe


Andreas Kristler:Ich möchte mich aufrichtig beim VSV und Philipp Lindner für die gestrige Aktion im Spiel entschuldigen. Ich wollte in diesem wichtigen Match Alles geben, hätte aber niemals die Kontrolle so verlieren dürfen. Es tut mir leid!“