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Kadernews: Heureka! Diese drei machen uns komplett

Mit zwei Neuzugänge und einer Weiterverpflichtung dürfen wir mit großer Freude verkünden, die Mannschaft der Steel Wings LINZ AG ist für die Saison 2023/24 nun komplett. Wir begrüßen nun auch offiziell und stolz das Stürmer-Trio Timo Sticha, Maximilian Theirich und Sebastian Wilding in den Reihen der Steel Wings LINZ AG.

Unser Kader 2023/24

Tormann (4): Jakob Sprachmann (Loan VSV), Benedikt Oschgan, Martin Reder, Thomas Schneider. 

Verteidiger (12): Arturs Brikanis, Luca Venier, Marc-André Dorion, Alexander Moser (Loan KAC), Patrick Söllinger, Lukas Necesany, Lorenz Lindner, Paul Pirklbauer, Christoph Tialler (Loan KAC), Laurin Liesch, Lukas Stöttner (EAO), Eder Paul (EAO).

Stürmer (15)Mathias Haiböck, Timo Sticha, Benjamin Mosaad, Kilian Rappold, Ben Grasser, Elias Koller, Maximilian Theirich, Mikael Saha, William Persson (TryOut), Manuel Feldbaumer (Loan VSV), Sebastian Wilding, Raffael Aigner, Valentin Bärnthaler (EAO), Theodor Fichtinger (EAO), Dominik Stöttner (EAO).


Statement der Head Coach Matej Hocevar zu Kader, Neuzugängen und Weiterverpflichtung
Maxi is a player who always plays with a lot of energy and is able to do this every practice, every game. Timo is the next young talented player who wants to take a step forward in his development. Smart player who understand game well. He will have an important role in our team. For Sebastian it is not easy at the moment, because he is not only with us but also in the Army, which can be seen in his physical condition. When he’s gonna catch the rest of the team he will be an important member of our team.
We have a very interesting group of players, based on young guys, and added some players with a lot of expiriences who will be role models on and off the ice.
We are looking forward for the upcoming season.